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this is a black market reformation

don't you ever give away our underground location

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Birthdate:Feb 19
nina. 19. female. lesbian. ecstatic. geek. fangirl. secretly a rockstar. blue on the color spectrum.

battlestar galactica. csi. dark angel. firefly/serenity. law&order: svu. los hombres de paco. xena.

300. gattaca. imagine me & you. the lion king. the matrix. starship troopers. watchmen. wanted.

call of the wild. ender’s game. house of leaves. neverwhere.

birds of prey. manhunter. the sandman chronicles. the secret six. watchmen. wonder woman. x-men.

anberlin. cinephile. conjure one. dragonforce. fort minor. innerpartysystem. linkin park. poe.

diablo. golden sun. harvest moon. mariokart. marioparty. pokémon. starcraft. super smash bros. tetris.

sue bird. sylvia fowles. kevin garnett. becky hammon. lauren jackson. steve nash. diana taurasi. penny taylor. lindsay whalen.

jensen ackles. tina fey. lena headey. tricia helfer. angelina jolie. laura sanchez. lucy lawless. marian aguilera. stephanie march. katee sackhoff.

fandom: Los Hombres de Paco/Hospital Central space!au

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anberlin, angelina jolie, battlestar galactica, capslock wars, cinephile, conjure one, cylons, diana taurasi, fighter pilots, firefly/serenity, guns!, hot chicks being badass, innerpartysystem, kara thrace's special destiny, katee sackhoff, laura sanchez, lena headey, los hombres de paco, lucy lawless, music, poe, progenitus, sue bird, the original tomb raider, tricia helfer, writing, xena
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